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Registered Nurse

Our registered nurses provide a wide range of health care services to individuals, families and communities for home health care. They provide Pediatric Care, Palliative Care, Catheter Care, G-Tube Feeds, Ventilator Care, Continence Management, Dementia Care, Diabetic Education & Management etc.

R.N Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Assess patients to identify appropriate nursing interventions
  • Collaborate with members of an interdisciplinary health team to plan, implement, coordinate and evaluate patient care in consultation with patients and their families
  • Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician or according to established policies and protocols
  • Monitor, assess, address, document and report symptoms and changes in patients' conditions
  • Operate or monitor medical apparatus or equipment
  • Assist in surgery and other medical procedures
  • May supervise licensed practical nurses and other nursing staff
  • May develop and implement discharge planning process on admission of patients
  • May teach and counsel patients and their families on health-related issues in collaboration with other health care providers.
Occupational health nurses

Develop and implement employee health education programs and provide registered nursing care in private businesses and industry.

Community health nurses

Provide health education and registered nursing care in public health units and through home visits, manage complex home care cases, participate in community needs assessment and program development, conduct disease screening and deliver immunization programs.

Registered psychiatric nurses

Provide nursing care, supportive counselling and life skills programming to patients in psychiatric hospitals, mental health clinics, long-term care facilities and community-based settings.

Nursing researchers and consultants

Engaged in research activities related to nursing, as self-employed or as employed by hospitals, public and private organizations and governments.

Provide consultative services to institutes, associations and health care organizations regarding issues and concerns relevant to the nursing profession and nursing practice

Clinical nurses

Provide leadership, advice and counsel on the provision of research-based care for specific patient groups within the care of particular health care organizations.