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About Us

BAL HCS is focused on helping members reach their health and wellness goals. Our wellness solution provides members and employer customers with a more robust way to experience wellness that involves personalized wellness communications, nutrition coaches and fitness memberships.

BAL HCS works hard to provide members with the most innovative, cost efficient solutions for their health. Our programs address a wide spectrum of needs from optimizing health to enhancing visits, and each is built upon proven methods.

What Makes Us Different

Qualified Specialists

Our team, a skilled and caring group of professionals, undergoes meticulous screening and training to deliver first-rate services in all care levels. More than experienced, they're driven by a genuine passion to make a difference.

Comprehensive Support

We believe that support extends beyond the confines of physical health. Therefore, we provide comprehensive assistance that covers emotional, social, and psychological aspects as well. Our professionals are trained to be empathetic listeners and proactive in addressing any concerns our clients may have.

Flexible Service Options

We offer flexibility in our services to accommodate varying needs. Whether it's a short-term assignment or long-term care, daytime support or overnight assistance, we're prepared to adjust our offerings to ensure every client's needs are fulfilled.